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European goods drooping on the Russian market. Is it bad situation for everyone? | Новости | Arno Business | Arno Business School - реальные знания для успешного бизнеса | Arno-BS.ru
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Today I get the information from the Federal Customs Service of Russia of almost 45% dropping of the import value. 45% WOW! It means that Russian buyers by less from European producers and (of course) it means that the final customer buy less. But in fact 45% it is average figure. I know brands and shops which shows no droppings. Also I now brands that rather dead than alive on the Russian market.
What makes the difference?  From what I see the price being vitally important is not only the factor. Russian customers are heart choosers. It is true. If you are able to put your brand onto the Russian customer heart, if you are able to make you brand to be loveable in Russia – you are the winner. But if your brand in Russia does not give a damn about its customers  concerning the Russian market in a way of Russian Roulette it is time to order the marketing funeral.


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