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I do not know how in Europe but in Russia the retail fraud issue became popular. Due to financial crisis number of theft inside the shops was grown by   30 – 40 %.  It is very understandable. The audience facing real income dropping is more motivating to make this unpleasant movement.  It could mean that financial disappointments forced people to have the stuff for free kipping high adrenalin level and enjoying  risk to be catch. But the security system is still on track and shop assistants on the duty. And it is a question - are only customers responsible for the fraud growth? I  guess not.   Due to statistics up to 50% of retail frauds concern the personal. So it seems to be the situation. Discovering huge amount of stolen stuff the top management accuse the personal but the personal do not take such accusation and the war inside the company has been launched.  20th of May I faced the shop assistant strike at one of shop of the biggest retail chains in Russia in  MEGA Khimki shopping mall. After financial audit the froud of several millions rubles was discovered. The top management decided to withdraw this amount from the shop assistance’s salary but surprisingly enough shop assistances disagree with it.  It is a reall conflict which affects everyone from managing director to the final customer.
I know what is next. Top management wins. Today is very difficult to find new job and it is better to sacrifice a part of salary instead of losing it. And it is obvious that retail stuff is not completely innocent. But the question is – would they work better? I think that customer servic will suffer more and more deeply.
What I am talking about? Top management and shop assistances are on the same boat. It is matter of cooperation and motivation.
Unfortunately little of top managers can assume that if their stuff tends to be theft it is first of all top management’s fault.
It is not an issue who should be killed it is matter of sharing responsibilities.


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